Our Story

After years working in the New Zealand businesses and tech sector we noticed that many companies failed to use digital technologies as they were deemed to be too complicated or unnecessary. Some companies had tried websites, mobile apps, cloud databases, customer relationship management systems, supply chain management systems that had all promised the world but failed to deliver any benefits. After listening to the horror stories , all the while experiencing numerous success on our own projects.

This got us thinking about the way we approach change and digital transformation that is drastically different from how most business owners were approaching it. Then we had a light bulb moment. Digital transformation is part art - it requires innovative, creative, outside-the-box thinking to solve problems, but it also requires careful, systematic planning, execution and measurement. Getting this balance right was more difficult that many business owners anticipated, but it was something that we excelled in.

We began to think that maybe we could be helping some of these small and medium sized business owners to get value from their technology investment. It all started with the idea of offering our services to family and friends before it began to grow... and grow... and grow.

We started by advising companies using business tools and strategies that we refined through our work experience that we could tailor to different situations and produced great results.

Now we are expanding beyond digital consultancy to continue to support New Zealand business, who want to compete on the global business stage through smart technology investment. We provide online business tools, discussion groups, training and coaching and online courses (watch this space for updates and exclusive deals) to prepare your business, people, process and data.

Thank you to those people who have supported us on the journey so far and we look forward to partnering with many more business owners to help them realise the true value technology can bring to your business.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Our Approach

We have been there running a business alongside personal and family commitments. We get it; that's why we partner with you and support your business and your journey.

We don't just focus solely on the technology, nor do we sell you things you don't need. We get to know you, your business, and your team, then offer advice and support to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact us today so we can start solving problems together.

" I have all the information I need and have greatly benefited from the advice."

 Tim, Supply Chain Manager