Digital Strategy

Set Your Business Up For Success

Digital Strategy is about aligning business strategy with data and technology to deliver greater value to your customers. 

You can think of it like building a house. An architect can help guide you choices of what looks good, what works well and what will be required to meet the building code. They have expert knowledge of the area, legal requirements and have experience building many different variations of homes each specifically tailored to suit the taste of the owner. 

At the beginning of any project they meet with the client to discuss the process, set expectations and run through their requirements. They then work along side their clients to tailor a house design to fit the unique space that the home is being built in. They also recommend different materials and finishes that can help enhance the homes appeal and achieve the desired look that the clients are wanting.

This is very similar to what we do with clients need support to develop a digital strategy in partnership with our clients. Our consultants provide keen insights and expertise in strategy and can coach you in creating your own digital strategy. 

We help business owners to;

1) Set digital objectives that align with business objectives

2) Analyse the market and competitors

3) Perform a digital SWOT analysis

3) Develop criteria for selecting the right technology for your business

4) Create an IT and risk management strategy

If you are wanting to invest in growing your business digitally then you need to get in touch so we can help you plan and navigate your digital  journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Reach a Wider Audience: Most customers now make purchases and do research online so if your business isn't there they will buy from someone else. Having a digital strategy helps you to select the right tools to reach your audience and engage them in the right way so they keep coming back for more. 

Achieve your business objectives: A digital strategy will be aligned with your business objectives. Having a good digital strategy means you have a clear set of goals, a method for achieving them and some clear benchmarks that will define your success. This is where a digital strategist can help develop a plan that works well for your business but is flexible enough to change with your customers and market. 

Measure the Return on Investment (ROI): Without a clear strategy and measures in place, trying to monitor your ROI is impossible. A good digital strategist can help you determine what is realistic, measurable and how to interpret the results and make the necessary changes to keep your business moving forward. 

Coordinate Efforts: Digital strategies are all about coordinating the team to achieve the digital and business objectives. A good strategist looks at a business holistically and helps to create a vision and framework that enables flexibility, but consistency within a business to ensure the job gets done right and customers are satisfied every time. 

Can I do it myself?

Most business owners are great at creating strategy plans but when it comes to digital strategy they often lack digital insights which is one of the most valuable things that a strategist can provide. 

How do I prepare?

1) Know Your Business Plan

Make sure you have a clear business plan and objectives set out and available for review. 

2) Research potential partners

You need to find someone who is experienced in digital strategy. There are a lot out there but many have specializations in specific areas. You need to find one that matches your need. 

3) Read The Terms and Conditions

Before signing any contract read up on the terms offered. What is actually being produced? What do you have to do and what will they provide?

Things to Consider:

1) A digital strategy takes time and effort to create. Make sure you have enough resources to cover this or outsource to an expert if necessary. 

2) If you chose to create a digital strategy yourself make sure you do your research and follow a prescribed template or method to ensure it is robust enough to achieve the desired result. 

3) A digital strategy is not an end point but merely a guide. Once you have established one they require frequent reviews to ensure they remain relevant and that your market needs haven't changed. 

Does this sound like something you need?

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