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Every business undergoes change to remain competitive in the market, but managing projects from conception to dispersion is difficult. Digital transformation management is about using a variety of tools and expertise to lead digital change, aligning time, money and resources to achieve business goals. Our team are trained to work within a variety of different frameworks and methodologies depending on the needs of your business. 

We have end-to-end solutions for business owners who want someone else to manage the project while they focus on business as usual and we also provide consultancy or various support options for different phases of your projects. 

When we plan an digital projects we ensure that our plan covers the five pillars of:

1) Business strategy: ensuring the any changes have a strong business case and motivation for change. 

2) People: People are the most valuable assets in your business. We help prepare your team and your customers for the coming changes and provide training, coaching and support if necessary.

3) Process: Processes are how you deliver value to your customers. We can help you identify bottlenecks, gaps and opportunities for you to streamline your processes and provide greater customer service. These are always necessary to review every time you implement a new system.

4) Technology: Often technology is the main reason you are going to change your business. We help you make sure you have selected the right technologies that work for your business and develop robust plans for upskilling your people and changing your processes as necessary.

5) Data migration: Data is an overlooked aspect in many projects but the insights and value it provides makes it a huge asset to your business. We help you to develop a process for cleansing and migrating your data over to the new system without disrupting business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Improved productivity: Project Managers bring expertise to a project that provides additional value. Their presence also means that you can focus on running your business while they focus on managing your project. 

Better Estimates: A professional project manager can help you to break down the project into chucks of work and prepare good budget and resource estimations. They also monitor costs throughout the project and ensure you are tracking to budget.

Make problem resolution more efficient: Project managers use a variety of tools and techniques that they have developed over their careers to coordinate projects more effectively and resolve issues fast. 

Can I do it myself?

You can do this yourself, however there is a lot of expertise that you can gain by working with a project management professional. If you chose to do this yourself you must be prepared for a significant increase in workload.

How do I prepare?

1) Set clear objectives

No matter the stage of the project you are in you should always have a clear reason for pursuing the project. You need to prepare a business case or outlines the objectives and scope of the project. Simply put - you need to be able to explain the purpose of the project, what will be changing and the boundaries of the change.

2) Determine your current resources 

You need to consider the budget, time, technologies and people you currently have to perform the necessary work. 

3) Select project management partner 

While not vital it, this does mean that you have additional support and expertise to guide you through the change process. A project management partner should be experienced and provide expertise, tools, resources and support as required.

4) Communicate the change to the team.

We cannot stress this enough but your team is your most valuable asset and you need to ensure they feel supported. You need to share the plans with the team and gain their trust and feedback ahead of time so you have a starting point and can develop a plan of action accordingly. 

The rest should be handled by your project management partner.

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