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Digital tools and technologies are the central nervous system within any business. Our digital auditing services involves a comprehensive review of your people, systems and processes to ensure they are working together to deliver value to your customers. From the review we help you to orchestrate an efficient, effective, reliable and scalable solution that best meets the changing needs of your business.

You can think of it like a healthcare check up for your business. You go to a medical professional to make sure that your body is running optimally, or to see what the underlying problem is that is causing you pain. There may be several symptoms but the medical professional is able to pin point the cause of the problems and most importantly provide a remedy to relieve the symptoms and treat the underlying cause. 

Digital auditors do the same for your business. We analyse different aspects of your business that might not be working well, that aren't reaching their desired goals or that are loosing you customers. We find the various symptoms and most importantly diagnose the root causes that are hurting your business. We then provide a remedy to relieve the systems and a treatment to fix the root cause. 

Don't wait for your business to start hurting before you get audited.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Measure ROI: digital audits help you to determine whether your money is being wisely invested in the tools you are using. It helps business owners to see which tools are generating the greatest impact and where returns do not equal the required investment. 

Improve Inefficiencies: digital audits should help you to flush out areas of your business that are under-performing or identify opportunities in high growth and high reward areas. 

Achieve Your Business Goals: digital audits help determine how your business is performing at a specific point in time or over a period a time and compares this to your business plan and digital strategy. You can then adjust resources as required to ensure that you meet your objectives. 

Can I do it myself?

Yes. Online auditing tools are available but the value of an expert shouldn't be underestimated. Comprehensive reviews the are objective and honest are difficult for business owners or employees to achieve. 

How do I prepare?

1) Define your objectives

Set clear objectives and expectations of what you aim to achieve from the exercise. 

2) Communicate with your team

Let you team know what is happening and the rational behind it. They may feel apprehensive so be sure to provide adequate support mechanisms.

3) Gather business documents

Make sure you have your business plans, digital strategy, organisational structure and roles and responsibilities in a place that is easily accessible to the auditors, while ensuring privacy and security is maintained. 

4) Arrange access

Make sure that your auditors have the necessary site and systems access as well as access to your team. In order to arrange this you may need specific times set aside to ensure everything is covered. 

Things to Consider:

1) In order for these digital audits to be effective you really need to do them frequently (at least once a year) and ideally by an objective third party.

2) If you choose to complete one yourself then make sure you use an online tool or a comprehensive framework in order to obtain the greatest value. 

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